Tuesday, 29 April 2014

My Month in iPhone Photos | April 2014

I did a post like this a while ago & I really enjoyed it, so since I'm back being a good blogger - I'm bringing it back, simply put, here are my favourite iPhone photos from April..

Easter fun *apologies for lack of Easter post but I just didn't get round to putting it all together and then it got toooo late and I was just way over it by then* I found this giant hot cross bun (below, left) at our local deli, it was amazing toasted with butter - you can't really tell how big it is from this photo but it was the size of a loaf of bread! Our table on Easter morning, (below) Freddie's face was priceless!

Coffee delivery - my addiction to Starbucks is pretty solid, it's got me through so rough sleep deprived times & coffee deliveries are always the best, absolutely obsessed with coffee frapps at the minute!

 Ok so.. Yes.. I am twenty five and yes I am also mother but this does not mean I can't go to watch McBusted and take a photo of the giant three boobs (below, left) so lovely to spend a couple of hours with a few of my friends pretending I was thirteen again!

 I don't think I've mentioned this on my blog yet, but I'm a big football fan. I support my local team, Burnley, who against all odds won automatic promotion to the Premier League this month. This was the amazing scene (below, left) following the final whistle on Easter Monday, it was such a proud and overwhelming day for me and one I was beyond happy to have shared with my dad and brother (who flew home to be there). We then obviously celebrated with champagne at a local bar (below, right). I love the way football connects people from every aspect and way of life, whilst I understand why many people aren't into it (think footballers are over paid etc) for me it's how I've been brought up and I wouldn't have it any other way - It's a big and important part of my life.


These are a couple of things I've consumed and loved this month, my dad made my day a couple of weeks ago with a cute little ice-cream delivery. (below, top right) I've hidden it deep in the freezer away from any ice-cream loving little three year olds. Freddie and I have made Easter nests (bottom, right) all throughout this month, so easy to do and amazing to enjoy with a cup of tea for a mid afternoon treat! I put the ice-cream to good use one evening and made cookie ice-cream sandwiches (below, bottom centre) which were amazing! 

I'm so happy spring has properly sprung, I love being outdoors however i'm not a massive fan of being outdoors in winter! Freddie has been enjoying wearing his shorts again and we've had a couple of trips to get ice lollies! The photo below was taken in a little place called Ilkley, which is near Leeds, I'm going to return there soon to do a little blog post as it's lovely and I felt my iPhone camera wouldn't do it the justice it deserves!

..And thats that! Hope you enjoyed..


Saturday, 26 April 2014

Ice-Cream Hunters!

Since it was such a lovely sunny afternoon, Freddie and I decided to take a little drive over to a local park to have a little walk around and get an ice-cream. I took along my camera and got a couple of cute shots that I thought I'd share on here with you all..

Sometimes days like this are much needed and it helps you to take a breather from the busy days and appreciate what truly matters.

 I've been trying to decide what I want to post on the blog recently, brainstorming for ideas however it's just ended up with me producing very little so after giving it some thought my posts may not be all adventures and cute pictures they might just be my ramblings and thoughts - I do hope thats ok with you guys!

What do you do to get away from the stress of everyday life?


Monday, 7 April 2014

Nature Reserve Exploring!

For months now I've been wanting to visit a little nature reserve close to where I live called Brockholes but the weather just hasn't been on my side, however finally spring has sprung and I got to see for myself what the all fuss was all about on a little afternoon outing with my mum and Freddie. (I also just want to apologise now for far too many photos but they're all so cute and I couldn't resist!)

I love the use of rusting metal and wood for the welcome signs. Once my eyes set upon this view it took me, oh I don't know.. about 3 seconds to completely fall in love with this place.

The little buildings are somehow kind of magically floating on the lake, there is an information centre with little activities for children and adults, there is also a couple of cute shops and a even conference centre. 

How cute is that little birdy doorstop, I want one for my home! After exploring a little we stopped by the restaurant to get a coffee, cake and an ice-cream for Freddie. He obviously wanted the blue one, which was blue banana and absolutely delicious!

We sat outdoor by the lake since it was such a glorious spring day, but there is a cosy little log burner inside which we were also rather tempted by!

As we made our way over to the children's play area we found a telescope that Freddie had to try out, on our next visit I'm going to bring his binoculars!

I loved the contrast between the wood tiles on the roofs of the buildings against the blue sky, each building is so beautiful. The design and materials used seem to just fit in like as though they have been there for ever.

We truly did have such a lovely time, sadly we didn't have time to take one of the trail walks but even just looking into the lake for fish and watching the ducks was amazing.

Just in case anyone is remotely interested in what I wore, I basically stole my boyfriends wardrobe for the day, comfy and easy is my mantra!

(Hat - Superdry, Coat - TopShop, Hoody - Zara, Tee - TopMan, Jeans - TopShop, Shoes - Vans)

Not only can you watch the wildlife, browse the shops and take a trail walk but Brockholes boats a brilliant childrens play area, Freddie had so much fun here that we are going to return with a few of his friends, the wooden tractor was a firm favourite!

We found a couple of puddles to splash in and some little flowers as we headed back to the car, Freddie was ever so gentleman like and picked one for me (so cute).

You can read all about how Brockholes developed here.

I fell in love with Brockholes as soon as my eyes set upon it's tranquil waters and calm surroundings. I cannot wait to get back and explore some of the trails this summer, after just one visit it has become my favourite local attraction - again sorry for getting carried away with all the photos but as they say a picture can say a thousand words!

Do you have any local places like this? I'd love to hear about them!