Sunday, 23 February 2014

Cupid tames a tiger

I've been waiting to share a little bit of news with you all and finally I can, the very talented London based artist Samuel Turner got in touch with me last year to ask if he could use Freddie in his next painting. Sam is an amazing artist and a close colleague of one of my best friends so it took me seconds to make my mind up, we travelled down to London late last year and did a photo-shoot from which Sam went and created his painting, the painting is about cupid taming a tiger. 

copyright Samuel Turner

It's a beautiful piece of art, so detailed and such a perfect portrait of Freddie. It wasn't easy getting the right photos as he was very lively (aren't all three year olds) but the painting is amazing! I really hope Freddie will be proud to have been a part of Sam's work in years to come but for now he is quite scared the tiger will eat him but extremely happy that he has wings - a three year olds view on art!

Please check out the website linked above to see more of Sam's work. A lovely experience and a memory to treasure!


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