Friday, 23 May 2014

Proud big sister

Earlier this week my I was invited to The Institute of Communication Studies at Leeds University for their End of Year Show, it was a chance for all final year students to show their short films on the big screen, one of those students being my little sister, Rachael. My sister is four years younger than me, so not only does it make me feel very proud she has completed her university degree but also very old. Before I went to the event we squeezed in time for a Wagamamas, I'm going through a bit of a health phase, summer is coming after all, so I just had to order the big green juice.

Leeds University is a beautiful campus, and The Institute of Communication Studies is located in possibly the most stunning part of the campus. If you're at the age where you're choosing universities then make sure you pay a visit here, It's such a cool city and amazing place to study!

I wasn't able to take many photo's in the event due to copyright but it was an amazing experience, I almost forgot that I was in a university and not at the cinema watching a film I'd paid to see. The film my sister worked on was called The Dealer, a beautifully shot mysterious story that left me wanting to know more and watch more. They had worked on location in Whitby and the effort they must have put in to be able to produce such quality exhausted me at the very thought! Another favourite of mine was called Pebble Moon, I cannot express how heart warming this was, it was a complete contrast to The Dealer and told a story of a young girl who had two dads, amazing funny yet touching story, one that could easily be made into a TV drama or film.

I was so impressed with the high standard of these short films, I'm sure there is big things to come from the 2014 graduates from The Institute of Communication Studies at Leeds University! I'm so proud of what my sister has achieved after three years of hard work, it definitely paid off in her final piece of work, I just can't quite believe my baby sister is now a graduate!

Have you ever been to a graduate short film festival, let me know in the comments!


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