Tuesday, 3 June 2014

My Month in iPhone Photos | May 2014

Wow, I'm not really sure where this last month went but here are a few of my favourite iPhone photos I took throughout the month of May. I started the month celebrating my cousins eighteenth birthday, I felt rather old at her party but took a cute photo of my sister, Freddie and I. It was a lovely evening and great to catch up with all the family!

I've been really into my coffee this month, I've always been a coffee lover however since I discovered espresso macchiato it's becoming a slight obsession! The first picture was taken after enjoying a lovely wagamamas with my mum earlier this month and the second during my trip to Austria (separate blog post to come soon)

I've been trying to change my eating habits this month, making healthier choices and drinking more water. Below is a salad I made that I could easily eat every day, it consists of quinoa, avocado, olives, feta, beetroot and spinach - delicious! Whilst I've not yet cut out everything unhealthy I have noticed a big difference in myself, I feel full of energy throughout the day and I don't hate waking up at 8am anymore! I'm excited to see where this lifestyle will take me and the rewards it will bring - gotta start somewhere right!?

I spent a lot of time with family this month so below are a small selection, the first was taken in a lift on a trip my mum and I took over to Leeds, (I blogged it here) the second is my sister, Rachael and Freddie in their snuggly blankets by the wood burner, Freddie idolises my sister and they truly are best buddies! Bottom left is a little Starbucks drive through snap I took, I cut off my boyfriend as he's not really into the whole blogging thing - but he was there too, Freddie loves Starbucks, iced vanilla chai tea being his favourite drink although he's a fan of the frapps too! Bottom right is a picture I took when I arrived in Austria, we went over to visit my brother, who lives there but I'll do a post about that later this week!

Below are a couple of cute photo's of Freddie. The first was at The Trafford Centre, apparently he was the king of castle and I was the dirty rascal, I think it quite suits him, King Freddie! The next is his new backpack that I found in Marks & Spencers, I don't usually shop there for Freddie's clothes but I spotted it on my way through to the food section and just had to buy it, it has barely left his back since I gave it to him! A few nights ago I went in to tuck him in before I went to bed and found him surrounded by his teddies, just, argh, so cute! The last (bottom right) is how I found him when I went to pick him up from my parents last week, Freddie has my dad wrapped around his little finger and always manages to get an ice-cream from him.

My final photo that I want to share is a bit of a hello to summer, I took this during the few days we had some nice weather when I went to watch my sisters boyfriend play cricket one afternoon. He is on the right batting - there's nothing more British summertime than an afternoon of pimms and cricket in the sunshine, here's to many more!

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